Computer Issues
by Lost in Faerie

Due to general laziness, I have not uploaded Friday's comic to my comic host, Comic Fury, yet. Due to spilling water on my keyboard, Elizabeth Bathory (my netbook) is ... out of commission. Temporarily, it is to be hoped. (I'm typing this on Omen, my husband's desktop.)

I can probably borrow Parnassus (his laptop) and scan the page onto Parnassus and shrink the thing to Comic Fury's required 800pixels and then upload it from there. This is just a note saying, it might be late.

If Elizabeth Bathory dries out and still doesn't work, well ... let's hope it doesn't come to that ...

EDIT: Elizabeth Bathory is showing signs of probably working again in the near future, but probably not for another twelve hours. Parnassus can't figure out how to connect to my printer/scanner. So, until Elizabeth Bathory dries out completely, I'm afraid today's comic will have to wait.

FINAL EDIT(which I am typing on Elizabeth Bathory)So, the keyboard is fine, and the computer itself is fine, and I scanned and scaled and uploaded Friday's and Monday's comics (and as soon as I'm done with this, I'm going to finish Wednesday's page). The trackpad, however, is not fine. I have to turn it off and borrow my husband's USB mouse in order to use my computer. All in all, it could be worse. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to go out and purchase a mouse for my very own. (I cannot go more than a day without my computer. Seriously.) It'll take a while for me to get used to not using the track pad, but ... also could be worse. I want to use my savings to get my desktop computer working, not to replace my netbook ... 

Anyway, comics continue!