Sorry About The Break
by Lost in Faerie

Okay, I'm back on schedule ... or will be before work tonight.  Monday is officially a drawing day, and I'll try to get as much of a buffer as possible.  This story is so close to being done, and breaking in November sucked.  But I should be on track from here on out.  I'll watch a lot of old Doctor Who (which will make the friend I borrowed the DVDs from happy, because I can finally start returning them) and draw, and that'll be good.  

Pretty soon, I'll compile a list of faerie tales I want to comic-ize, and I'll ask you all what you want to see next.  

My main goal with this comic was just to see how much work doing a comic would be, because I have my own stories that I want to make into webcomics.  I think the one thing I've learned is: the buffer is my friend, and the larger the buffer, the better the friend.  I think that if I can keep that in mind, making a webcomic based on my own stories will be possible--though I may have to update it once per week ... 

Anyway--the exciting conclusion of Ashputtel draws near!!