by Lost in Faerie

First page of first chapter uploaded uploaded today (if much earlier), so I should post my first blog post. I probably won't blog as often as the comics are updated, but I'll do what I can.

So, here's the deal. I'll try not to apologize for my drawing too often--and I'll try to keep it away from the actual art. So, just for the first page: I didn't bother drawing a background, because I had no idea what to draw. It's a bedroom. And more importantly, the background doesn't matter ... and I guess my apologizing for my art is going to bleed into why I choose the subject matter I did:

Fairy tales are all about symbols. The true love's first kiss is a symbol of true love--so when the prince kisses the princess, it's a symbol of him falling in love with her. The period of work/waiting that the female often has to go through is a symbol of her personal work and transformation from a girl to a woman.

And so on. So, I'm making comics of fairy tales. The bedroom doesn't matter because what matters is the dying mother and the girl losing her mother. The symbol is of the mother withdrawing from her daughter's life (or the girl withdrawing from her mother, like so many teenagers do), and though she promises to watch over her daughter, the mother is now saying, it's your life. Your decisions are your own.

So, back to the apologies: the bed. I know it's lopsided. I hope to improve with time and practice. (It's not that I can't draw a straight like, more like--drawing well takes a lof of time and effort for me. More, in fact, than I am willing/able to give to it. So I get impatient.)

Anyway, Ashputtel is the Brothers Grimm version of Perrault's Cinderella (Cendrillon). If you'd like to read a version of it, I recommend: Sur La Lune's Annotated Cinderella.