Week One!
by Lost in Faerie

It's Monday again, and I have successfully kept up on posting the webcomic. Of course, Comic Fury, in its mighty awesomeness, does make it easier by allowing me to upload comic pages and set the update date in the future ... so I'm not really hanging out at midnight every other day, posting the comic.

BUT, I still have to keep up my end, which means drawing and uploading as often as possible. Here's the deal: I've been wanting to do a webcomic for some time now, but the entire process (coming up with story, characters, drawing it, updating it, trying to get people to know about it) was way too daunting. I figured I wouldn't be able to manage it.

Then, last week-ish, inspired by my friend's truly awesome Cinderella story, I bought crayons and a pad of paper, and started drawing. (At work.) I got three done in one night, and I said, well, to hell with it! Let's do this thing. (I have the Grimm's fairy tales on my Nook, which I also bring to work. The only thing I can't do at work is scan the drawings and use the internet at all.) Then I did a little research (only a little, mind, because I had done the research several months before, when I was thinking about a different comic), chose Comic Fury as my host, and started uploading.

So far, I have a slim buffer of comics, but I hope that bringing my pad of paper, crayons and a fully-charged Nook to work every day will help grow that buffer. (The fully-charged Nook is not, by the way, something random thrown in for fun: one night, I brought nothing to work but my Nook and my crayons. The Nook's battery died before I got much work done, and I didn't know the story well enough to keep going. The next night, my Nook was charged, but I had left all the previous drawings at home in a folder I had found for them. I couldn't figure out how to draw Cinderella properly without them as a guide ... oh, the adventures!)

Anyway, time to go do something exciting, like eat breakfast, or maybe pet a cat. Thanks for stopping by!