by Lost in Faerie

The Significant Other tells me that most comic-drawers (and possibly drawers of all kinds) have a pencil stage, and that if I had one, too, Ashputtel's pose in Page 10 wouldn't look so ... painful.
Well, if I had a pencil stage, this comic likely wouldn't exist, so, alas. Sometimes I do crumple up a page and start over (well, I usually keep the scrap to go behind another page when coloring, so the crayon can extend beyond the edge of the page), but not always.
As I said last week, Grim Tales is kind of  practice: can I draw often enoiugh to keep up a comic on a weekly basis? Three weeks in, and I seem to be going strong, so that's good, nut my process is very simple: draw with a pen, wave the page about to dry the ink, color. Then, of course, scan the page and resize it. and upload it to Comic Fury. But adding more steps will make it take longer to get the comics finished, and that would make it harder for me to update regularly. So, until I'm writing and drawing comics full-time, and have hired someone to take care of things like laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning the litterbox, there might be some painful poses or furniture made of non-Euclidean geometry.
But I like it.

Also, I am contemplating adding blog posts talking about fairy tales. I have one in mind, and I think I'll do it, but I think I won't have a separate blog post schedule for them. I think I'll continue to try posting a new blog every Monday-ish (it was a busy day today), and sometimes they'll be about fairy tales ...