Some news
by Lost in Faerie

First of all, apologies. I knew I was running up against my buffer, but ... well, I have Friday's comic up. Monday's will also be late, but I'll get the comic up, hopefully before I go to bed Monday night.

BUT, I'm getting married on November the 5th, so things are going to be kind of hectic for the next month or so. It's a good hectic, certainly, especially now that most of the decisions have been made, and a lot of the work has been done, and now it's just following the dotted line, but comics have been on time the last few weeks only because I had a couple major drawing days, and then one or two major uploading days before the last wedding-planning-craziness took over my life.
I drew Friday's comic Sunday night, and I'll probably draw Monday's on Monday night (and get it up on the website just after midnight), and I'll try to keep drawing, but basically, what I'm saying is, if I'm late, or if I miss one, it's for a good cause, and I'll make it up when I can. And maybe I'll try to do something spectacular after the wedding.

Anyway, thanks for reading!!